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A wedding for you is surely the most special day in your life. It is an unforgettable day for...

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Your baby is now turning a lady. It’s her 18th birthday. Mark this moment as the most ...

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Are you Looking for a reliable Catering Service for your Kids? You got one now Executive ...

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Dinner and Lunch Buffet Catering Services. Corporate Events and Regular Party...

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We pride ourselves from our outstanding catering service for corporate seminars...

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Corporate product launching, inaugural parties and anniversaries are some of the events...

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It’s your christening day of your child. You don’t need to worry much. You can enjoy your party with ...

Meryenda Cena

Our Meryenda Cena package are best suited for corporate events and private party..

World Class Catering Services

Our company takes pride to bring your dreams in reality. You can count on us. We ensure your special event wonderful. The hallmark of the company is the top notch service and culinary excellence for every special event. We specialize in excellent services in weddings, debuts, baptismal, corporate events and special occasions. We make it sure to satisfy our customers by providing fine dining experiences which exceed their expectations

Our excellent presentation is our pride!

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Customer Support

Customer Support

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All event details are carefully checked and nothing is overlooked

Fresh Delicious Food

Fresh Delicious Food

Food Ingredients and raw materials are sourced locally to ensure freshness



All our kitchen and banquet staffs are fully trained to meet your corporate needs

Catering Services and Canteen Concessionaire in Metro Manila, Philippines

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    How to Choose the Best Canteen Concessionaire

    Choosing the Best Canteen Concessionaire in your company is important especially if you have employees and staffs with high level  food requirements. The following are things you need to consider before choosing the best Canteen Concessionaire for your Company. Delicious and Balanced Food – Ensure that foods are yummy. This is one of the most...
  • in General Food Topics

    Ways to Garnish Food for superb Presentation

    Whenever we ate in a dining restaurant or attend events which is serviced by catering services, we often see additional food beside the cuisine that somewhat add to the appearance of the food. Our senses are trying to evaluate the food’s quality through appearance, smell, taste and texture. But what got our attention is the...
  • in Health and Fitness

    Cancer Fighting Foods you need to Eat

    Fruits and vegetables are the most effective fighting food for cancer. Catering Services could help fight cancer by providing lots of these foods in their menu. On the other hand, Alfafa sprouts could alleviate the risk for cancer since it contains saponins, a phytochemical which fights cancer cells. “An apple a day put the doctors...
  • in General Food Topics

    Culinary Knife Skills Cutting Techniques for Cooking

    The most labored work for cooking is the preparation and cutting procedures for vegetables and fruits. It must compliment the kind of cuisine, the cut of main ingredients and the extent of cooking process. But before we begin to identify the different techniques, we should make sure that the knife we are about to use...
  • in Catering Services

    Types of Services in Catering Services Banquets

    Catering Service businesses offer different types of service, these are plated service (platting), gueridon service, full silver service, buffet service, and cafeteria service. These type of services are given depending on the preference of clients and the theme of the event. There are standard procedures to be used for every kind of service that t...