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A wedding for you is surely the most special day in your life. It is an unforgettable day for...

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Your baby is now turning a lady. It’s her 18th birthday. Mark this moment as the most ...

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Are you Looking for a reliable Catering Service for your Kids? You got one now Executive ...

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Dinner and Lunch Buffet Catering Services. Corporate Events and Regular Party...

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We pride ourselves from our outstanding catering service for corporate seminars...

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Corporate product launching, inaugural parties and anniversaries are some of the events...

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It’s your christening day of your child. You don’t need to worry much. You can enjoy your party with ...

Meryenda Cena

Our Meryenda Cena package are best suited for corporate events and private party..

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Our company takes pride to bring your dreams in reality. You can count on us. We ensure your special event wonderful. The hallmark of the company is the top notch service and culinary excellence for every special event. We specialize in excellent services in weddings, debuts, baptismal, corporate events and special occasions. We make it sure to satisfy our customers by providing fine dining experiences which exceed their expectations

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Customer Support

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Fresh Delicious Food

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Catering Services and Canteen Concessionaire in Metro Manila, Philippines

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    Ice Cream Recipes

    Though the summer is almost done, we could still feel the heat it brought for the months of April and May so I think it is still not too late to prepare ice cream desserts recipes for the kids and the family. These are some Ice cream recipes to make eating more fun and enjoyable...
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    Tribal Dishes in the Philippines

    When people say they want DIET or reduce the amount of food being consumed to maintain ideal body weight and mass index, then they could immediately seek the root crops which are considered as tribal food diet that is usually found in the backyard or even in the old market. These root crops examples are...
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    Best Locally Made Wines in the Philippines

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    Music Theme for Kids Birthday Party

    Celebrity couples such as Dingdong and Marian Dantes, Ogie and Regine Alcasid, Dingdong and Jessa Avanzado, and Aga and Charlene Muhlach usually have themed birthday parties of their children, one of them maybe a Music Themed Birthday Party. Catering Services can provide this Music Themed party. They are good at doing this thing. I will...
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    Cooking with Coffee Caterer’s Secret

    Many people love to drink their coffee especially in the morning where they find it most appealing. But less awareness from coffee lovers that it can be included in Caterer’s food recipes. Including the coffee bean in the food will make it more different and can be considered as exotic food already. The bitter taste...