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Executive Gourmet Catering services provides the most efficient and pleasant area for a showplace – its kitchen. However functional it is, its beauty and cleanliness seemingly appeal to the eyes of every client.

Approved by the municipal health department, the kitchen of Executive Gourmet Catering Services is well-designed for its clear purpose – both the preparation and production of food and the sense of well-being. It is well-ventilated and very comfortable for cooking staffs.

All of our kitchen equipments are made of stainless to ensure the best and cleanest environment for cooking.

Our kitchen can prepare foods to as many as 5,000 and more guests per day. It follows strict implementation of Food Safety Standard to ensure the safest possible food production

We give Free Kitchen Tour to our Clients. Our kitchen is open for viewing at your convenient time.

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  1. christian lorein balobo says :Reply

    Good day. Im christian lorein balobo. 5 yrs working as a headcook in a catering services. Im looking forward to join your team.

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