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Executive Gourmet Catering is a Full Service Canteen Concessionaire specializing in medium to large sized companies. Our menus are designed to excite even the most demanding staffs and employees.

We also provide Food Delivery to Companies who do not have Canteens. We deliver and do buffet service for your staffs 24/7 even in graveyard shifts.









7 Comments to “ Canteen Concessionaire”

  1. Cheng says :Reply

    We offer snack @ very low prices
    Pizza roll-15.00 (ham,hotdog and cheese)
    We accept bulk orders like for party,birthday,or any occasion..just email me…

  2. Maylyn Darang says :Reply

    Hi, where is your company located? We are at present looking for a new canteen concessionaire here in Abenson Carmona Depot, Carmona Cavite.

  3. Gen says :Reply

    Do you have branches in Cebu?

    1. Majorie Anapi Majorie Anapi says :Reply

      Hi Ms.Gen, We don’t have branch in Cebu.Thanks

  4. Ofel Adre says :Reply

    Macro Asia Catering Services Inc., engage and oversee the operations of ADB Food Services Sub -concessionaire. The Sub-concessionaire shall pay ADB Food Services 20% an amount equivalent to its gross sales. The prices and menu agreed upon shall be subject to approval by Food Services. The proposed price list submitted for approval by the Sub-concessionaire shall be inclusive of the 20% share of ADB Food Services. The 20% share covers the utilities.

    The Contractors Canteen caters to all Service Providers, Bank Staffs and other visitors. Below are the other details for your reference.

    1. Operating Hours
    > Monday to Friday – 7am to 5:30pm
    >Saturday 7 am to 3:30pm ( can be extended if requested for overtime services of service providers)

    2. Estimated # of pax per meal period
    > Breakfast – 100 pax
    > Lunch – 300-400pax
    > Merienda – 100 pax

    3. Selling of small groceries are allowed ( soda, biscuits, coffee, candies, etc)

    4. All serving and basic cooking utensils are provided by the Sub concessionaire

    5. No full or heavy cooking since the facilities is not capable.

    6. Finishing and re heating are allowed.

    7. Water and Electricity is provided by ADB

    8. Sub concessionaire to provide all eating equipment(master list of equipment is a must)

    9. POS to be provided by ADB

    10. Provide staff meals ( regular and OT) for all MACS employees

    11. Prices and serving portions

    A la carte
    45.00/order( 100g) for Chicken, Pork and Fish
    50.00/order(100g) for Beef and Seafood
    25.00/order (100g) for vegetables
    10.00/order (100g) for rice

    Value Meal options @ 65/order and 70/order
    2 rice(200g), vegetable(60g). viand(80g), soup and dessert

    1. Company Profile
    2. SEC
    3. Business and Sanitary Permit
    4. List of Clients
    5. One month Cycle Menu


    Ofel C. Adre
    Operations Supervisor

    1. Sarah says :Reply

      That would be Great!

    2. Ronely Sagun Ronely Sagun says :Reply

      Hello Ms. Ofel, email sent. Thank you.

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